Au Pairing

Au Pairing

Au Pair Management Software

Many integration options

Simple process

Uniquely written for au pair agencies to manage au pairs and host families. From registration to departure. Full administration including management of documents, invoicing and mailings.

Responsive Layouts

Works on all modern browsers on both laptop and mobile. Au pairs, guest families and employees of your company can always view the latest status easily. Naturally, the layout can be fully adapted to your own branding for full integration with your website.


Determine yourself which documents you require at what stage of the application. Whether or not you want billing. Whether or not you want to send insurance applications. Which languages you offer and many more dozens of other options.

Security first

The software complies with the GDPR legislation and follows the stringent testing of 'security by design', whereby there is still enough freedom to give substance to your own processes according to their own insights.

File Icons

Unique documents management.

With no fewer than six pre-programmed phases, you as administrator have complete control over the way you ask for families or au pairs to upload documents. All documents are sent securely via the software and stored on your own server. A status overview shows whether all necessary documents have been received.
Reports can be made at your own discretion.
PDF Reports can be saved or sent to the IND
Families and au pairs immediately see which documents are still missing

Full management for integration

Payment provider

Integrate payments so that your customers always pay on time ( The invoice can be created by your billing system (Yuki). Au pairing checks whether there is a payment arrears and shows an iDeal link ( to pay immediately.

Custom layouts possible

All colors, images, text and layouts are fully customizable. If you use several white labels as a company, you can show different layouts based on the URL. For example, different agents can use their own websites to recruit au pairs.

Site settings

As owner you have dozens of options that you can switch on / off as desired. Additional functionality is possible as extra work such as: other payment provider, accounting package, bank etc.


Au Pairing has a far-reaching safety mechanism, both towards the company and the user. - Audit reports for AVR / GDPR legislation - Optional 100% transparency for user (who has consolted what, and when)

File Icons


Do not use dozens of 'lists' that are always behind reality, but create up-to-date overviews that you can download. Create mailing lists based on the results of lists and send them automatically at regular intervals. For example: make an overview of au pairs who leave in 2 months and send them an email as soon as there is a match Or send a mail two days after initial registration with a reminder to complete the registration.


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